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Ghostbusters Spirit Halloween Goggles Mod Kit Issues Repaired

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I have been given some feedback from a few members letting me know that this Goggle Mod Kit has a few issues. I have taken steps to amend these issues and repair them. I wanted to let you know what has been done and why.

These have been removed.

We removed these 4 screws due to the quality of the prints on a PLA printer it just didn’t come out very well at the size needed and people we’re stuggling to add them to the spirit goggles so we felt it was better to remove them and re-add them at a later date with a resin printer design.

Poor Print quality

This item was printed on its side and after seeing this as they are printed in a batch I wasn’t aware some of the quality has suffered. these are now printed at a new angle on a higher quality print we would like to thank Lance for the imagery.

Decals too large.

When Printing these the images were used from
what we didn’t know was that the spirit Halloween Goggles are slightly smaller than the regular sized ones. I have reduced the size of the print to now match the one found on the Spirit Goggles.

Extra Update

On the goggles the side Knobs are silver but on the movie one these are black. I now include Both Silver & Black Knobs in the pack so you can select what you want.

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