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Leg Hose Improvement’s & STL Rebuild

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I was happy with the leg hose kit before and it was extremely well built but it was fed back to me that the file wasn’t for sale purpose + a few people let me know some details. (thank you Taco Belli) For informing me of my mistake.

I have rebuilt these files and made the following amendments.

This is the magnet plate I noticed in my last one it had far to many magnets and feedback was that it was TOO strong. so I have reduced it down to 3 and improved the thickness of the item.

This item was fun to made nice little shape.. I have removed the holes as I don’t believe thats needed with the magnetic option and strenthend the main body to avoid snapping.

This item was great but I had snapped the connection between the hose and top so when rebuilding it I created a stronger body to support it when bending.

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