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Redesigned Ghostbusters Leg Hose Kit


Elevate your cosplay game effortlessly with the Ultimate Costume Hose Holder! No more tangled or damaged costume hoses during your epic adventures. Our hassle-free solution comes ready to use, with easy sewing of the provided plate onto your uniform. Robust 3mm magnets securely hold your hose in place, ensuring a worry-free cosplay experience, and the versatile design allows easy attachment to belts and accessories. Included in your kit are essential components for seamless cosplay, making your next event a resounding success. Say goodbye to costume malfunctions and welcome a new level of convenience and security with our Ultimate Costume Hose Holder. Order yours today and transform your cosplay experience!

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Level Up Your Cosplay Game with Our Ultimate Costume Hose Holder – Secure, Convenient, and Hassle-Free!”


Introducing the Ultimate Costume Hose Holder – the ultimate solution to your cosplay costume woes! Tired of your costume hose getting tangled or damaged during your epic adventures? Look no further because our costume hose holder is here to save the day.

🎉 Easy Setup: Say goodbye to complicated installations! Our costume hose holder arrives complete and ready to use. All you need to do is sew the provided plate onto your uniform, and the powerful magnets will take care of the rest. It’s hassle-free cosplay at its finest!

🛡️ Secure and Damage-Free: Our costume hose holder boasts robust 3mm magnets that ensure your hose stays securely in place, no matter how intense your cosplay escapades get. Bid farewell to costume mishaps and tears, and step into the world of worry-free cosplay.

🌟 Versatile Design: With a convenient ring on the other side, our costume hose holder offers maximum versatility. You can effortlessly attach it to your belt or any other accessories, making it a valuable addition to your cosplay arsenal.

What’s Included in Your Kit:

🟡 1 Yellow Tube 🪙 1 PLA Plastic Magnet Disk 🪙 1 PLA Hose Connector 🪙 6 Ultra-Strong 3mm Magnets 🪙 1 TPU Belt Clip 🪙 1 Metal Keyring

Elevate your cosplay experience to new heights with our costume hose holder. Bid farewell to costume malfunctions and say hello to worry-free adventures. Make the smart choice and order yours today to ensure your next cosplay event is a resounding success!

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