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Ghostbusters Ruby PKE Meter with Our Custom Screen Modification Kit


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Enhance Your PKE Meter with Our Custom Screen Modification Kit – Elevate Your Ghost-Hunting Experience!”


Unleash the full potential of your PKE Meter with our cutting-edge Custom Screen Modification Kit! This innovative mod is designed to take your ghost-hunting gadget to the next level, all without the hassle of disassembling your device.

What’s Inside Our Premium Modification Kit:

👻 Custom Screen: Our kit includes a top-notch custom green transparent resin screen that seamlessly replaces the original. The result? A visually stunning upgrade that adds an extra layer of authenticity to your PKE Meter.

🔒 Clip Covers: You’ll receive two clip covers to give your device a sleek and customized look. One easily slides into your PKE Meter’s existing hole, while the other is for those seeking a more personalized appearance, requiring a simple drilling process. Crafted from robust black resin, both covers guarantee long-lasting durability and style.

🎮 Buttons: Four specially designed buttons are also included, perfectly fitting into the speaker slots. These buttons not only infuse a unique flair into your PKE Meter but also ensure smooth and responsive operation during your ghost-hunting adventures.

Upgrade your PKE Meter effortlessly and elevate its overall aesthetics with our Custom Screen Modification Kit. Your ghost-hunting endeavors will reach new heights, and your device will shine brighter than ever before. Don’t miss this opportunity to enhance your equipment; order your kit today and embark on your supernatural adventures with confidence!