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Single Large Danger Sticker for Hasbro Ghostbusters Proton Pack


Introducing our Large Danger Sticker for Ghostbusters Proton Packs – the finishing touch to your ghost-hunting gear! With a screen-accurate design, durable materials, and easy application, it’s a must-have for any Ghostbusters fan. Elevate your Proton Pack’s authenticity instantly – order yours now and step into the supernatural world in style!

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Introducing the Large Danger Sticker for your Ghostbusters Proton Pack – the missing piece to complete your iconic ghost-hunting ensemble!

Are you ready to take on the supernatural forces lurking in the shadows? With our Large Danger Sticker, you can now bring that authentic Ghostbusters look to your Hasbro Pro Proton Pack, just like the pros! Crafted with attention to detail and precision, this sticker is a must-have accessory for any Ghostbusters enthusiast.

Key Features:

  1. Screen-Accurate Design: Our Large Danger Sticker is a faithful replica of the one seen on the Ghostbusters’ proton packs in the movies. The vibrant yellow and black design with bold lettering instantly adds an air of authenticity to your gear.
  2. High-Quality Materials: Crafted from durable, weather-resistant materials, this sticker is built to withstand the toughest ghost-busting adventures. Rain or shine, your Large Danger Sticker will remain intact and vibrant.
  3. Easy Application: Applying the sticker is a breeze! It comes with a strong adhesive backing that ensures a secure fit on your Proton Pack. Simply peel and stick for a professional look in minutes.
  4. Perfect Fit: Designed specifically for Hasbro’s Pro Proton Pack, our Large Danger Sticker adheres seamlessly to the pack’s contours, giving it a seamless and integrated appearance.
  5. Versatile Use: While originally designed for Proton Packs, this Large Danger Sticker is a great addition to other Ghostbusters-themed props, costumes, or decorations. Use it to personalize your ghost-hunting gear or as a fantastic decoration for your Ghostbusters-themed parties.

Whether you’re cosplaying at conventions, recreating your favorite scenes from the movies, or simply displaying your Ghostbusters fandom, our Large Danger Sticker is the missing puzzle piece you need to complete your Proton Pack’s look.

Don’t let your Proton Pack go out into the field without its official Large Danger Sticker. Get yours today and be ready to face the paranormal with style and confidence. Order now and join the ranks of the world’s most famous ghost hunters!


Weathered Afterlife, GB1 New, Metal Finish