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Spirit Halloween Pack – Neutrino Wand Loom Coupler


Spirit Halloween Pack – Neutrino Wand Loom Coupler in TPU Rubber


Elevate your Ghostbusters costume to the next level with our Spirit Halloween Pack featuring the Neutrino Wand Loom Coupler, expertly printed in flexible TPU rubber. Designed with precision and attention to detail, this essential accessory is a must-have for any Ghostbusters enthusiast, cosplayer, or Halloween aficionado.

Key Features:

  1. Screen-Accurate Design: Our Neutrino Wand Loom Coupler is a spot-on replica of the iconic Ghostbusters gadget, designed to match every intricate detail from the original prop. It’s the perfect finishing touch to your Ghostbusters costume.
  2. High-Quality TPU Rubber: Crafted from premium TPU rubber material, this coupler is not only flexible and durable but also feels just right in your hand. It’s comfortable to hold and adds authenticity to your Ghostbusters gear.
  3. Easy to Attach: The Neutrino Wand Loom Coupler easily attaches to your proton pack or neutrino wand, thanks to its well-crafted design. No need for complex installations or additional tools – it’s a hassle-free accessory.
  4. Versatile Use: Whether you’re gearing up for a Ghostbusters-themed party, comic-con, or Halloween, this Neutrino Wand Loom Coupler is a fantastic addition to your costume, allowing you to capture the essence of the iconic paranormal investigators.
  5. Spirit Halloween Exclusive: This exclusive Spirit Halloween pack ensures that you get a unique accessory that stands out in any Ghostbusters gathering. You won’t find this level of quality and authenticity elsewhere.

Complete your Ghostbusters ensemble with the Spirit Halloween Pack, featuring the Neutrino Wand Loom Coupler in TPU rubber. It’s the finishing touch that separates the true fans from the rest. Get ready to take on spectral entities and unexplained phenomena with confidence!

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Join the ranks of the Ghostbusters and show the world that you’re ready to catch some ghosts. Order your Spirit Halloween Pack with the Neutrino Wand Loom Coupler now, and get ready to bust some spirits!

by WindDrake

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